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Chairpersons for 2020 are Judy Gill, Sue Hellenbrand and Craig Kamholz. The Ag Chest is looking for volunteers and will gladly accept donations at this time.

Please contact the Chairpersons [email protected] or 

Sue Rieder, Ag Chest President [email protected]

We could not do this without the generous support of the Green County businesses and residents!

Thank you in advance for your continued support!


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Dairy Breakfast History

The Green County Agricultural Chest as an organizational entity was formally finalized on May 8, 1958. Its purpose was to promote the agricultural interest groups in Green County. A considerable amount of effort was given to promoting "Green County's Gold", those products of the dairy industry.

The first Dairy Breakfast was held at the Juda Church in 1961. June Dairy Month kick-off breakfasts were held every year from 1961 through 1979 at various churches and schools where the event was held.

Breakfast On The Farm started as an idea of Green County Ag Chest enthusiasts at a meeting on November 12, 1979. The idea was to move the breakfasts away from schools and churches to a direct "on-the-farm site". On the farm, visitors could get first -hand knowledge of what makes up a modern dairy farm today. The success has grown to where we expect 5,000 people to attend the event. We will use approximately 1,800 dozen eggs, 1,300 pounds of sausage, 5,000 half-pints of milk, 126 gallons of ice cream mix, 3,500 cartons of orange juice, 200 coffee cakes, 13 lugs of fresh strawberries, 110 pounds of butter, 480 pounds of cheese, and 26 jars of coffee.

The event's success is made possible only by donations received from numerous businesses in the county and the people who volunteer to help.

Dairy Breakfast Coffeecake

We hope you enjoy our recipe for the Dairy Breakfast Coffeecake