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Monthly Meeting
Aug 19, 2013

Green County Ag Chest

August 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes


Time: 8:00 pm

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe, WI

Board Meeting at 7:30 pm


Board Members in Attendance:  President, Craig Kamholz; Treasurer Pam Burke; Secretary, Candee Christen; Bonnie Gerner; Joe Schwarzenberger and Wayne Monte. Absent- Vice President, Jeff Ditzenberger

 The meeting was called to order at 8:07 pm by President Kamholz.

The opening prayer was given by Liz Schroeder-Albany Dairy Queen.

Secretary’s report:  July 8, 2013 minutes were printed and available. MOTION to approve (Joe Schwarzenberger/Wayne Monte) approved.

Treasurer report: Pam Burke presented the treasurer’s report. Bills/invoices were still being finalized, balance in checking-$29,325.  MOTION (Bonnie Gerner/Judy Gill) approved.

County Queens’ Chairperson Report by Pam Burke:

                              Boone County Fair

                              Roscoe Festival

                              Nursing Homes

                              Farm Bureau Meeting

                              Green County Beef Producers Steak Out


Past Queens in attendance: Alyssa Bailey, Claire Gietzel, Lydia Russell, Dani Schneider


Queens report: all queens present


Old Business: 

               -Secretary Christen read a thank you from a scholarship recipient.

               -President Kamholz thanked the queens for the fine job they have been doing.  He also thanked those that set up the trailers for all the events; it is a lot of hard work.

               -President Kamholz acknowledged Lydia Russell as a 2013 scholarship recipient; she was unable  to attend the banquet.


BOTF:  Judy Gill spoke briefly on the 2013 BOTF.  She noted that anyone wanting to donate to the event or knowing someone that does should contact Judy, Sue Hellenbrand or Craig Kamholz.


New business:

               -Bonnie Gerner requested volunteers for Roscoe and the Monroe flea market and asked      that people please sign up at the meeting.

               -Alyssa Bailey spoke about the Food for America event being held in Brodhead by the FFA.  She asked if the Ag Chest would donate the small trailer and ice cream.  MOTION (Judy Gill/Dani                Schneider) to make the donation, approved.

               -President Kamholz stated that the board had made the decision to donate $300 to the John                Klossner memorial fund.  John was a very active and knowledgeable youth representative of the Ag community.

               -Treasurer Burke explained how the Ag Chest’s donation to the State Fair exhibitors was going to be disbursed this year as decided by the board.  The $1000 donation will be split evenly among the 60+ youth that exhibited at the State Fair, including all livestock species.  A check will be    issued directly to the youth exhibitor.


Adjourn: MOTION (Joe Schwarzenberger/Sandy Trumpy) approved. 9:10 pm


Closing Prayer: Allison Granberg, Argyle Dairy Queen


Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen













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