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Board Meeting
Jul 08, 2013

Green County Ag Chest

July 2013 Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, July 8, 2013

Time: 8:00 PM

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe, WI

Board Meeting at 7:30 PM

Board Members in Attendance: President, Craig Kamholz; Vice-President, Jeff Ditzenberger; Treasurer, Pam Burke; Bonnie Gerner, Joe Schwarzenberger and Wayne Monte

The meeting was called to order by President Kamholz.

The opening prayer was given by Mariah Martin-Green County Dairy Queen.

Secretary’s report: May 13, 2013 meeting minutes were printed and distributed by Sue Rieder in the absence of Candee Christen. Molly Wyss made a motion to accept the minutes as printed and Jeff Ditzenberger seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Pam Burke presented the treasurer’s report. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Jeff Ditzenberger and seconded by Molly Wyss. Motion carried. See Attached July 8, 2013 Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Sheet from May 12 through July 8, 2013.

Queens Reports: Mariah Martin-Green County Dairy Queen, Brooke Bidlingmaier-Green County Dairy Princess, KaitLynn Heath-Brodhead Queen, Noelle Austin-New Glarus Queen, Santana Green-Browntown Queen, Allison Granberg-Argyle Queen, Rachel Elsing-Belleville Queen, Molly Henderickson-Blanchardville Queen, Cassandra Trumpy-Monticello Queen, Whitney Disch-Monroe Queen and Liz Schroeder-Albany Queen.

Community Queen Candidates introduced themselves.

Past Dairy Queens introduced themselves.

County Queens’ Chairperson Report by Pam Burke:          

Media training

            Monticello Homecoming

            Green County Fair

            Wisconsin State Fair




Old Business:

Correspondences: Jeff Ditzenberger read a thank you from Anita Lawver and the Relay for Life Team, Big Ma’s Misfits. Sue Rieder read various thank you notes from scholarship recipients, past Dairy Queens, Dairy Day Exhibitors and Bonnie Gerner.

Breakfast on the Farm updates: Judy Gill and Sue Hellenbrand reported Breakfast on the Farm was awesome. About 4,300 were served. They are still working on the financials.  The BOTF committee plans to meet Thursday. An “After Action Meeting” is planned for July 29. Place to be announced.

Dairy Days Update: Pam Burke reported the checks have been written and the thank you notes have been sent. The Blanchardville Dairy Day Committee gave out t-shirts to every exhibitor. There were nearly 70 exhibitors. Next year, Brooklyn will host Dairy Day.

New Business:

Bonnie Gerner discussed the Green County fair schedule for the Ag Chest Trailer.

Bonnie Gerner also discussed the Bonne County Fair schedule. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

Jeglum Scholarship recipient is Katie Burke.

Closing Prayer:  Brooke Bidlingmaier-Green County Dairy Princess

Motion to adjourn was made by Molly Wyss and seconded by Jeff Ditzenberger. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Ice Cream provided by the Ag Chest

Respectfully submitted by

Sue Rieder covering for Candee J. Christen, Secretary




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