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Mar 25, 2013

Green County Ag Chest Monthly Meeting Minutes

Date: March 25, 2013

Time: 8:05 PM

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe, WI


Board in attendance: President Craig Kamholz, VP Jeff Ditzenberger, Secretary Candee Christen, Treasurer Pam Burke, Bonnie Gerner, Joe Schwarzenberger and Wayne Monte.


The meeting was called to order by President Kamholz.


The opening prayer was given by Nicole Babler, Monticello Dairy Queen.


Secretary’s Report: February 25, 2013 meeting minutes to approve, MOTION (Sue Hellenbrand/ Rachel Shrader), approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Checking account balance at the end of February- $17,263.18. MOTION (Judy Gill/ Joe Schwarzenberger), approved.


New business: 4 members of the Monroe FFA were present to inquire of a donation from the Ag Chest towards their upcoming trip to the National FFA soils judging competition. Total cost is $250 per person plus flight, van rental and hotel. MOTION (Judy Gill/ Bonnie Gerner) to donate $250, approved.  Bonnie asked for the names and addresses of the boys so she could line up help from them in the ice cream trailer at the fair this summer.


Present Queens’ Reports: all queens present except Ally.


Queen candidates present introduced themselves.


Past Queens present: Rachel Shrader, Pam Burke, and Susan Hendrickson.


County Queens’ Chair Report: given by Pam Burke

               -Friday night fish fry, March 29 in Monroe, any queen may attend to help.

               - April 7th at 3 PM will be pictures with the BOTF host family at the farm

               -Klondike Cheese will be scheduling yogurt taste testing with the queens.


BOTF updates:  

               -April 8th will be the next meeting at the farm @ 6:30 PM.

               -donation letters had been mailed and donations to the BOTF are trickling in.

               -Donations may be sent to BOTF, PO Box 533, Monroe, WI 53566

               -Bonnie Gerner will be handling the craft show

               -Gary Anderson band has agreed to play this year

               -a Facebook page has been created for BOTF

               -Badgerland Farm Credit Services had donated the ice cream again this year

               -heavier ice cream scoops were requested to reduce wrist fatigue

               -any one with advertising ideas please submit them to the Committee

               -Taylor and Claire will do radio spots for the BOTF with WEKZ, may use Jeff D.’s spots


New Business continued:

               -the small trailer has been booked for the Craft Fair in Monroe June 8-9

               -the food license had been received for the Cows on the Concourse, Pam has it.

               -Dane and Rock counties are holding their BOTF the same day this year, June 8; this may affect what items are used by them from the Ag Chest   

               -Boone County Fair has inquired as to whether or not the Ag Chest would be reserving a spot this year. Pam will send in the reservation farm with payment

               -Darlyne Schneider asked if the Ag Chest would donate two cheese trays to the Monroe Post Prom on May 4, MOTION (Darlyne Schneider/Karen Buck), approved

               -Bonnie talked briefly about the TV feature by Channel 3 that had been on the previous day                about Klondike Cheese’s expansion and their production of Greek Yogurt.  It was an extremely nice feature story.


Old business:

               -the April monthly meeting will be a dinner and awards will be handed out. Albany Lions Club, brief meeting at 7 PM and dinner at 7:30 PM

               -Dairy Days dates:

                              *Dairy Show- June 15 @ 10 Am at Monroe Fairgrounds

                              *Dairy Queens Banquet- June 15, Moo Tails @7 PM, Big question @ 7:30  PM and dinner at 8 PM, Pecatonica High School

                              * Dairy Day Parade- June 16 @ 11 AM in Blanchardville

                              *County Dairy Queen Crowning- 12:30 PM @ the park during the annual chicken BBQ

MOTION to adjourn (Alyssa Cramer/ Dani Schneider), approved, 9:15 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen, Secretary











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