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Monthly Meeting
Nov 25, 2013

Green County Ag Chest

November 25, 2013 Meeting Minutes


Time:  8:00- 9:05 PM

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe, WI

Board Meeting at 7:30 PM


Board Members in Attendance:  President Craig Kamholz, VP Jeff Ditzenberger, Secretary Candee Christen, Treasurer Pam Burke, Wayne Monte, Bonnie Gerner and Joe Schwarzenberger.


The meeting was called to order at 8 pm by President Kamholz.


The opening prayer was given by Noelle Austin-New Glarus Dairy Queen.


Secretary’s report: There was not an official meeting due to absence of majority of board members.  October meeting report approved, MOTION (Jeff Ditzenberger/Wayne Monte) approved

Thank you notes were read.


Treasurer’s report: October 1- November 18 ending balance in the checking account-$28,825.16.

MOTION to approve (Jeff Ditzenberger/Joe Schwarzenberger) approved


Queens’s reports: all queens present


County Queen Chairperson report by Pam Burke: November had very few activities; December will consist of Christmas parades, cookie baking for Meal on Wheels and making trays for Meals as well.  A Christmas party will be held at New Glarus Home for queens to attend.  Pam noted that Julene will be having hip surgery on December 17.


Past Queens in attendance: Pam Burke, Rachel Shrader and Becky Granberg


Old Business:

                -the annual budget meeting will be held January 13th at Vince’s, 7 PM (snow date January 20)


New business:

                -Jackie Klar asked if a note could be sent to Culvers in Platteville.  The restaurant had a fire recently and was damaged extensively.  Culver has been a large donator to the Queen program.

                -Jeff Ditzenberger announced that toiletries were needed at the area pantries.



President Kamholz explained the election process and opened up the elections for the positions that had terms expiring. (President, Secretary and two directors to start in even years)

Secretary (2 year term) - Incumbent Christen was not seeking re-election, submitting a letter of resignation.

Sue Reider was nominated by Jeff Ditzenberger, second from Sue Hellenbrand; Pam Burke moved to close the nominations. Vote taken unanimous vote in favor.


Director (2 year term) - Incumbent Wayne Monte did not seek re-election.  Sue Hellenbrand nominated Julene Elmer, second from Bonnie Gerner; Jeff Ditzenberger moved to close the nominations. Vote taken unanimous vote in favor.


Director (2year term) - Incumbent Joe Schwarzenberger did not seek re-election.  Sue Hellenbrand nominated Judy Gill, second from Rachel Shrader; Bonnie Gerner moved to close the nominations. Vote taken unanimous vote in favor.


President (2 year term) - Incumbent President Kamholz would accept re-election.  Nomination  from Judy Gill to re-elect Craig Kamholz, second from Sue Hellenbrand, nominations closed by Joe Schwarzenberger. Vote taken unanimous vote in favor.


MOTION to close the election, (Jeff Ditzenberger/Pam Burke) approved.


VP Jeff Ditzenberger asked about a past queen receiving a scholarship now even though she had not submitted documents for it in the past.  It was discussed and noted that rules are grades to be submitted the following year after application/award.


Adjourn, MOTION (Jeff Ditzenberger/ Sandy Trumpy) approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Candee J. Christen, Secretary







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