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Sep 30, 2013

Green County Ag Chest

September 30, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Time: 8:00

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe, WI


Board Members in Attendance: President, Craig Kamholz; Vice President, Jeff Ditzenberger; Treasurer, Pam Burke; Bonnie Gerner, Wayne Monte. Absent: Secretary Candee Christen; Joe Schwarzenberger.


The meeting was called to order at 7:57 pm by President Kamholz.


The opening prayer was given by Molly Hendrickson, Blanchardville Dairy Queen.


Secretary’s report: August 19, 2013 minutes were ready by Vice President Ditzenberger. MOTION to approve (Sue Hellenbrand, Becky Granberg) approved.


Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Pam Burke presented the treasurer’s report. Fair exhibitors were paid $20 each. MOTION (Sue Hellenbrand, Rachel Schrader) approved.


County Queen’s Chairperson Report by Pam Burke:

               Queens will have a busy October.


Past Queens in attendance: April Buri, Becky Granburg, Clare Gietzel, Pam Burke,


Queens report: All queens present, except Sandy Trumpy, Monticello; Liz Schroeder, Albany.


Old Business:

               -Vice President read thank you notes.

               -Jacen Wilinski thanked Ag Chest for money from exhibiting sheep at fair.

               -DDJ Suffolks donated a new bouquet of flowers to Browntown Dairy Queen.

               -Farm Bureau President Jeff Ditzenberger expressed gratitude to queens for help at GCFB                Annual Meeting.


BOTF: Sue expressed two farms were interested in hosting a breakfast, but no host farm has been set.


New Business:

               -President Kamholz thanked everyone for hard work at Roscoe.

               -There was discussion on donating money to Monty Cheeseboro. MOTION to donate $50 (Bonnie Gerner, Sue Hellenbrand) approved.

               -Anna Trublood (Green County 4-H Horse) asked for a donation to help with costs of national competition. MOTION to donate $250 (Bonnie Gerner, Linda Wahl) approved

               -WayneMonte brought up trailers/equipment. No action needed to be taken, but should make it a priority in April to discuss flooring in trailers.


Adjourn MOTION (April Buri, Jacen Wilinksi) approved. 8:39 pm

Closing Prayer: Whitney Disch, Monroe Dairy Queen.


Submitted: Claire Geitzel





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