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May 12, 2014

Green County Ag Chest

May 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, May 12, 2014

Time: 8:00 PM

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe WI 53566

Board met at 7:00 PM. 

Board Members in Attendance: President, Craig Kamholz; Vice-President, Jeff Ditzenberger; Secretary, Sue Rieder; Treasurer, Pam Burke; Judy Gill, Bonnie Gerner, and Julene Elmer

The regular meeting of the Green County Ag Chest was called to order by President Kamholz at 8:10 PM.

The opening prayer was given by Noelle Austin-New Glarus Dairy Queen.

Secretary’s report: March 17, 2014 meeting minutes were read by Sue Rieder. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Jeff Ditzenberger and seconded by Becky Granberg. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Pam Burke presented printed copies of the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Sheet from March 18 through May 12, 2014. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Jeff Ditzenberger and seconded by Brooke Bidlingmaier. Motion carried.

Queens present were: Mariah Martin -Green County Dairy Queen; Brooke Bidlingmaier-Green County Dairy Princess; Liz Schroeder-Albany; Allison Granberg-Argyle; Molly Hendrickson-Blanchardville; Santana Green-Browntown; Whitney Disch-Monroe; and Noelle Austin-New Glarus. The Queens introduced their community dairy queen candidates for 2014-2015.

Past Dairy Queens introduced themselves.

County Queens’ Chairperson Report was given by Pam Burke.

Upcoming Queens Activities: June 7 Cows on the Concourse and Flea Market in Monroe;

Community Dairy Queen Candidates will be judged May 17; Albany Yesteryear parade is May 24 and Breakfast on the Farm is May 31.



Old Business:

Correspondences and Announcements: A Thank You from Angels Among Us of Green County was read by Sue Rieder. Craig Kamholz started to ask if anyone knew about a missing blue bag after the Appreciation Dinner, but Pam Burke happily announced “an angel dropped it on her porch 10 days ago.”

No old business motions were brought before the board.

New Business:

Announcements and discussions:

Breakfast on the Farm Committee: Craig Kamholz reported the Roe Farm a great location for the first breakfast that is not a dairy farm. Judy Gill stated there is need for more coffee cakes. The Dairy Queens’ bill board will be up May 19 on Highway 11-81 near the Schwarzenberger Farm.

Green County Dairy Days: Sue Rieder reported the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has a large enthusiastic committee for Dairy Days. June 20 will be judging for Green County Dairy Queen and Princess. June 21 will be the cattle show in Monroe and the Queens Banquet that night at the Brooklyn Community Center. Sunday, June 22 will be the parade and crowning afterwards.

The Dairy Queens shared their favorite part/event of being a Dairy Queen and also gave their “30 second elevator speech.”

No new business motions were brought before the board.

Closing Prayer:  Liz Schroeder – Albany Dairy Queen

A motion to adjourn was made Jeff Ditzenberger and seconded by Judy Gill. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM

Pizza lunch was provided by the Green County Ag Chest.

Respectfully submitted by

Sue Rieder, Secretary

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