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Meeting Minutes
Apr 25, 2016

Green County Ag Chest

April Meeting Minutes

8:00 p.m. Monroe Justice Center

April 25, 2016


The Green County Ag Chest board met at 7:30 prior to the meeting.


The regular meeting of the Green County Ag Chest was called to order by President Craig Kamholz at 8:05.


Board members present were: President-Craig Kamholz, Treasurer-Pam Burke, Directors-Bonnie Gerner, Judy Gill, and Julene Elmer.  Julene Elmer will be taking the minutes in place of the absence of Sue Rieder.


Mia Wahl, Monroe Dairy Queen, gave the opening prayer.


Secretary Report-Sue Rieder was absent, so Craig Kamholz stated that the minutes are posted on the Website.  President Kamholz asked for additions or deletions to the minutes.  None were stated, if no corrections that the minutes are approved as stated.  All approved. 


Treasurer’s report-Pam Burke stated that there was $27,002.83 in the account.  President Kamholz stated that if no corrections, that the treasurer’s report is approved.  All approved.  In addition, the Ag Chest ordered 100 Plat Books and has sold all but 3.  From now on, we will order the Plat Books when needed.


Past Queens stood and introduced themselves.


All queens present except Blanchardville.  Queens gave their reports.  Also, the queens had their candidates come up and introduce themselves.


County Queen’s Chairperson Report was given by Pam Burke.  Pam showed the queens pictures that will be on the billboard.  The billboard will be down by Brennans.  Also, the first orientation for new candidates was tonight.


Correspondence & Announcements-Craig read a thank-you from Marvin Becker.


Old Business-None


New Business-

  • Scholarships were read by the Board and 14 scholarships were given out.
  • Breakfast on the Farm report was given by Sue Hellenbrand and Judy Gill. 
  1. Egg cracking will be at the farm this year and will be Thursday May 26th
  2. They also reminded everyone that the recipe for the coffee cakes is on the website and anyone can bring them to the farm. 
  3. They also encourage people to ride the buses.  The buses will leave Monroe and pick-up in both New Glarus and Argyle. 
  4. Posters are not done, but when they are completed we will get them to the queens to place in their communities.
  • Dairy Day report was given by Tami Woller.
  1. Cattle Show is June 18th at the Monroe Fairgrounds. 
  2. Queen judging-June 24th.
  3. Dairy Day the 25th.  The morning will be a 5K run, 9:30 the brunch, and 1:00 the parade.
  • Brittany Janes (Albany Dairy Queen) asked for a donations for the FFA Washington DC Trip.  Bonnie suggestions to donate $300.  Motion Passed.
  • Future Events-If you can work the trailers, call Bonnie. This is a big year for the Ag Chest; therefore we need lots of help.
  1. June 4th-Cows on the Concourse and Flea Market in Monroe.
  2. Boone County-August 9-14
  3. Roscoe-September 9-11
  4. Cheese Days September 16-18


A motion to adjourn was made by Karley Ready and seconded by Lauren Blumer.  Motion carried. 


The closing prayer was done by New Glarus Dairy Queen Ashley Judd.


Respectfully submitted by,

Julene Elmer

Green County Ag Chest Board of Director


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