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Budget Meeting
Jan 11, 2016



January 11, 2016

Sugar River Pizza in New Glarus


Board members in attendance: Pam Burke, Julene Elmer Bonnie Gerner, Judy Gill, Craig Kamholz, and Sue Rieder

Members Absent: Jeff Ditzenberger and Sue Hellenbrand

Others in attendance: Clare Gietzel

Craig Kamholz called the budget meeting to order at 7:40 PM


Announcements/Discussion: Member discussed how the Ag Chest can help in the Community, Fair grounds, etc. Members also discussed organizing a bus trip activity. Dairy Day bank accounts discussed. Pam Burke will look into opening a Dairy Dairy Day account with checks and 2 debits cards. Promotion ideas for the Dairy Queens discussed i.e. developing a website for cheese sales.


Old Business: None brought forward.


New Business: Pam Burke presented printed copies of the past budgets and expenses.


2016 Budget Categories: 

Donations                                            $4,500                                                

Events                                                 $80,000                                    

Insurance                                            $3,500

Dairy Days                                           $2,000                        

Meetings/ Office Expense                  $1,000                                                   

Promotions/Queens Program             $6,000

Scholarships                                        $7,500  

Trailer Expense                                   $10,000                                                            

State Fair                                             $3,000            

TOTAL 2016 BUDGET                         $117,500        


Meeting dates for 2016 and January 2017 were discussed. Proposed calendar will be available at the January Ag Chest Meeting for discussion.


Additional Discussion:


A motion to adjourn was made by Judy Gill and seconded by Bonnie Gerner. Motion carried.

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