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Aug 28, 2017

Green County Ag Chest

August 2017 Meeting Minutes


Date: Monday, August 28, 2017

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Albany Lions Club, 402 Cincinnati St, Albany, WI  53502


The Board of Directors met at 6:30 PM. Members present were Craig Kamholz-President, Bonnie Gerner-Vice President, Sue Rieder-Secretary, Pam Burke-Treasurer and board members, Judy Gill, Ken Rankin, and Dean Reeson. Craig Kamholz presented trailer receipts to Pam Burke, i.e. trailer license renewal. Members present discussed supplies for the Roscoe Fall Festival, Covered Bridges Days in Brodhead verses Boone County Fair, the billboard location and a new jack for the trailer.


The regular meeting of the Green County Ag Chest was called to order by President Craig Kamholz at 7:10 PM.


Opening Prayer was given by Hailey Raymond-New Glarus Dairy Queen.


Secretary’s Report: Sue Rieder presented printed copies of the July 2017 regular meeting minutes. A motion to accept the July meeting minutes with typos corrected was made by Ken Rankin and seconded Sue Hellenbrand. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Pam Burke gave a verbal financial report. Stated $16,502.60 for the Green County Fair is down for this year. $14,275.67 for Boone County Fair is up for this year. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Ken Rankin and seconded by Emily Streiff. Motion carried.


Old Business:

            Correspondences/Announcements: Thank you notes were made available.


            Per an article in the Pecatonica Valley Leader newspaper, the Argyle 2017 Green County Dairy Day organizers “gave back” $3600 to the community.

            Craig reported there is a new power jack on the trailer.

            Judy Gill stated a wrap-up meeting for the BOTF will be scheduled. Brodhead P&D wants to sell their people haulers.


New Business:

             A motion to donate $1000 to the Albany FFA to replace their broken down 12 year old milk machine was made by Sue Hellenbrand and seconded by Dean Reeson. Motion carried.

            Elizabeth McGuire and Sam McGuire, Brodhead FFA president and reporter, presented information on the Food for America program. In the past, they have used the ice cream trailer to serve ice cream during lunch for over 600 4th graders.  This year’s date is September 28 at the Spring Grove Dairy, Brodhead. They are planning for 700 people. The Green County Ag Chest also donates the tables for the event. The committee can pick up tables at Hillenbrand’s the Wednesday before.

            Judy Gill and Rae Reeson reported on the Wisconsin Farm to Table event at Voegeli Farms. The Dairy Queens helped serve 150 people.

            Samantha Holmstrom, Blanchardville, presented information on her trip as a member of the National FFA Honors Band. A motion was made to donate $250 to the Blanchardville FFA Chapter to help with trip expenses was made by Bonnie Gerner and seconded by Judy Gill. Motion carried.


Past Queens introduced themselves. Julene Elmer shared an article on Lynn Dickman, a past Argyle Dairy Queen.


Queens present were: Haley Mueller-Green County Dairy Queen, Paige Bittner-Green County Dairy Princess, Ainsley Krueger-Albany Dairy Queen, Skye Hoffman-Blanchardville Dairy Queen, Skylar Stanley-Brodhead Dairy Queen, Jaiden Walker-Juda Dairy Queen, Stephanie Kolden-Monroe Dairy Queen, Lindsey Pence-Monticello Dairy Queen and Hailey Raymond-New Glarus Dairy Queen. Queens introduced themselves by giving a fun fact about what they want to be when they grow up. The Queens gave their reports together. They reported on the Green County Fair, the Governors Cheese Auction, the Monroe Farmers Market, the Pig Out, New Glarus Home Family Day, Covered Bridge Days, the Albany American Legion Breakfast, the Fore Fathers/Tyler Pierce Memorial, the Boone County Fairy and Princesses on the Square.


County Queen Chairperson’s Report: Rae Reeson reported the queens and their parents have worked hard this past month. There is a sign-up sheet for the Roscoe Fall Festival, which are the same dates as the Monroe Farmers Market.


A motion to adjourn was made by Ken Rankin and was seconded by Judy Gill. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM


Closing Prayer was given by Stephanie Kolden –Monroe Dairy Queen.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Rieder

Green County Ag Chest Secretary

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