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Jan 30, 2017

Green County Ag Chest

January 2017 Meeting Minutes


Date: Monday, January 30, 2017

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Green County Justice Center, 2841 6th St. Monroe, WI 53566


The Board met at 6:30 PM. Board members in attendance were President- Craig Kamholz, Secretary- Sue Rieder, Treasurer-Pam Burke, Judy Gill, Ken Rankin, and Dean Reeson. Members discussed the Ag Chest by-laws. By-laws were last updated in 2010. A by-law committee will be set up and review the by-laws before the next board meeting. Insurance payment discussed. Insurance was paid twice in January, due to a late payment and a current payment. Members discussed further meetings and locations due to need of a bigger space for the April and May meetings.


The regular meeting of the Green County Ag Chest was called to order by President Craig Kamholz at 7:12 pm.


The opening prayer was given by Erin Lehr—Monticello Dairy Queen


Secretary’s Report: Sue Rieder presented printed copies of the November 2016 meeting minutes and the January 2017 Budget meeting minutes. A motion to accept the November minutes was made by Erin Lehr-Monticello Dairy Queen and seconded by Ken Rankin. Motion approved. A motion to accept the January 2017 Budget meeting minutes was made by Dean Reeson and seconded by Emily Streiff-Green County Dairy Princess. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Pam Burke presented printed copies of the January 2017 financial report. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Judy Gill and seconded by Sue Hellenbrand. Motion carried.


Old Business:

                Correspondences and Announcements: Thank you notes were made available for reading. A     Green County Ag Chest Facebook page has been created and is managed by Sue Rieder and          Heidi Kassebaum. People are encouraged to Like the page. Ag Chest related activities/events will                 be posted on the Facebook page; meeting agendas and minutes will still be posted on the            website.


New Business:

                The 2017 Ag Chest calendar was approved with corrections.


Past Queens introduced themselves.


Queens present were Emily Streiff- Green County Dairy Princess, Stephanie James-Argyle, Clarice Loeffelholz- Belleville, Elizabeth McGuire-Brodhead, Sharlene Swedlund-Juda, and Erin Lehr- Monticello.


County Queens’ Chairperson Report was given by Pam Burke. The Queens have been busy with scrap booking and grocery promos.


A motion to adjourn was made by Ken Rankin and was seconded by Dean Reeson. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM


The closing prayer was given by Erin Lehr-Monticello Dairy Queen.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Rieder

Green County Ag Chest Secretary

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