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Sep 25, 2017

Green County Ag Chest

September 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 6:45 pm at Bonnie Garner’s home. September 25th 2017

Present: Dean Reeson, Ken Rankin, Craig Kamholz, Rae Reeson, Judy Gill, Bonnie Gerner, and Pam Burke.

No Queens were present

Treasurer Report:  $1,505.00 given to all State Fair livestock exhibitor, $1500.00 given to FFA groups, Queens expenses $ 470.00. Total expenses were $9643.33, with an income of $33,675.72.

Discussion ensued about the need to have the large trailer serviced, especially after it froze up in Roscoe. With more discussion following to the start  looking into purchasing a new ice cream machine in the future.

We also need a new counter top in the small trailer. Craig Kamholz will contact those who can complete these tasks this winter.

Trailers are going out this week Wednesday and Thursday. No Queens needed.

Rae Reeson reported that the queens are busy with homecoming parades, fall festivals, and the world dairy expo.

The Breakfast on the Farm account will purchase the gooseneck trailer from Wayne for $5,650.00. It will include the plywood, mats, etc. a good quality asset for the Breakfast.

We will schedule a meeting to get started on this year’s BOTF with Nancy Karlen in November.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15

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