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Jan 29, 2018

Meeting was called to order January 29 at 7:15 PM.

Opening prayer by Paige Bittner.

Treasurer’s report – hand out, see budget current, $7534.75. Total deposit $790. Insurance was paid- Monroe Engraving, many scholarships, and post office.

Ken Rankin moved to approve the treasurer’s report and the second by Ainsley Krieger. Motion carried

Old business,

The correspondence was passed around.

The countertops have been installed in the small trailer.

New business:

The calendar and dates were approved. We will be attending Roscoe in the fall but not the flea market. We will try to have an FFA trailer take our spot.

We will be going to Cows on the Concourse in June and be at the flea market the same day.

We would like to do a spreadsheet to separate Boone County from what we use afterwards.

Scholarships Applications are due April 1.

Passed queens introduction-

Queen’s reports with Stephanie, Hailey, and Jaiden reading their radio reports.

4 community chairs were paid $100 for their up-and-coming crownings.

Breakfast on the farm meetings have been going good

Yodely yogurt would like us to do promotions in the schools as well as the dairy breakfast.

Motion to adjourn was by Dean Reeson and seconded by Paige Bittner

Haley Miller gave the closing prayer.



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