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Jul 09, 2018

Green County Ag Chest

July 2018 Meeting Minutes


Date: Monday, July 9, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Albany Lions Club, 402 N. Cincinnati St., Albany, WI


The Board of Directors met at 6:30 PM. Members present were Craig Kamholz-President, Bonnie Gerner-Vice-President, Sue Rieder-Secretary, Pam Burke-Treasurer and board members, Ken Rankin and Dean Reeson.  Sue Hellenbrand and Judy Gill with BOTF were also present.  Diane Schlafli board member was absent. Members present discussed hanging the Green County Dairy Days sponsor banner on the trailer at the Gr Co Fair. Sue Hellenbrand presented printed copies of the 2018 BOTF finance sheet. Estimated 4800 attended. Waste Management will be contacted in regards to a second bill of $400 labeled “inactive fee.” Members reported it took Waste Management 2 weeks to pick it up after the BOTF. BOTF should not be responsible for this bill. Members discussed serving root beer floats verses Blizzards at the Gr Co Fair. Members discussed sandwich menu for Boone County Fair. Dean Reeson discussed the Little Britches passes for kids will be Thursday during the Gr Co Fair.  Sue Rieder asked about renting out the people haulers. Discussion was the Ag Chest does not do this.


The regular meeting of the Green County Ag Chest was called to order by President Craig Kamholz at 7:15 PM.


Opening Prayer was given by Eva Van Dyk-Monroe Dairy Queen.


Secretary’s Report: Sue Rieder presented printed copies of the May meeting minutes. A motion to accept the meeting minutes was made by Sue Hellenbrand and seconded by Judy Gill. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Pam Burke presented printed copies of the financial report from May 14-July 9 2018. A motion to accept the financial report was made by Dean Reeson and seconded by Ken Rankin. Motion carried.


Old Business:

            Correspondences/Announcements: A thank you notes were read by Sue Rieder.

                        Sue Rieder reported on a successful Green County Dairy Days co-hosted with Monticello. The 2 good committees were great to work with.

                        Judy Gill and Sue Hellenbrand reported on the 2018 BOTF stating it is done, over and good. It is estimated about 4800 attended.

            No addition old business discussed.


New Business:

            Laura Moyer asked to borrow the tables for Food for America on September 25. The ice cream trailer will also be used that day. They are planning for 500 kids.

            Paul Mahlkuch and Averey Marean with the Gr Co State Fair Exhibitors made a request for money to purchase cow mats and circulation fans for cow comfort and ventilation at the Wis State Fair. A motion to donate $1500 to the Gr Co State Fair Exhibitors plus $30 to each state fair livestock exhibitor was made by Jody Makos and seconded by Jolene Van Dyk. Motion carried.

            Season passes for the Gr Co Fair were discussed. This year’s season pass is a wrists band that will not come off.


Past Queens introduced themselves.


County Queen Chairperson’s Report: Rae Reeson stated the Dairy Queens have busy with radio training, getting their queen supplies and ordering jackets. Milk was donated the Farm Mental Health Walk/Run. Generosity Days is coming up in Monroe. The Queens will attend the Wis State Fair August 2. They will travel by limo bus. They will work the House of Moo from 8 am – 2 pm, and then have the rest of the day to explore the fair. They will head home by 5:30 pm. Rae Reeson also reported the Queens will be more involved with the trailer at the Boone County Fair and less involved with activities at Brodhead’s Covered Bridge Days.


Queens present were: Emily Makos-Green County Dairy Princess, Averey Marean-Albany Dairy Queen, Olivia Isely-Argyle Dairy Queen, Rileigh Powers-Brodhead Dairy Queen, Eva Van Dyk-Monroe Dairy Queen, and Libby Fuller-New Glarus.


Other Business: It was stated that police officers in uniforms, and fair board members and veterans with ID’s can eat for free at the trailer during the Gr Co Fair.


A motion to adjourn was made by Dean Reeson and was seconded Ken Rankin. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM


Closing Prayer was given by Emily Makos–Green County Dairy Princess.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Rieder

Green County Ag Chest Secretary

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