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Oct 29, 2018

Green County Ag Chest

October 2018 Meeting Minutes


Date: Monday, October 29, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe, WI

The Board of Directors met at 6:30 PM. Members present were Craig Kamholz-President, Bonnie Gerner-Vice-President, Sue Rieder-Secretary, and board members, Ken Rankin, Dean Reeson and Diane Schlafli.  Pam Burke-Treasurer was absent. Craig Kamholz stated new credit cards from Sugar River Bank were here. Members present discussed the left over cream puffs. It was reported, most went to Colony Brands. There are still 2 boxes left in the freezer. These need to be gone so freezer can be unplugged. Bonnie Gerner reported she had cut the cream puff order back by 1000 this year for Cheese Days. Members reported other food vendors i.e. Colony Brands sales were also down.  The rent check for people haulers had been delivered to Joe Schwartzenberger. Craig will deliver the check to Digmans once that trailer is delivered.

The regular meeting of the Green County Ag Chest was called to order by President Craig Kamholz at 7:00 PM.

Opening Prayer was given by Emma Stricker-Browntown Dairy Queen.

Secretary’s Report: Sue Rieder presented printed copies of the September Board of Directors meeting minutes. A motion to approve the September 24 Board of Directors minutes was made by Dean Reeson and seconded by Diane Schlafli. Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report:  No treasurer’s report due to the absence of Pam Burke.

Old Business:

            Correspondences/Announcements: A thank you from the Honor Flight for the egg donation from BOTF was acknowledged.

            No addition old business discussed.

New Business:

            2019 Breakfast on Farm will be at the David Minder Farm in Browntown. Planning meetings will start in December.

            2019 Green County Dairy Days is in Browntown. Pam Lawver will be heading up the committee.

            Craig Kamholz announced that this will be the last year at the Roscoe Fall Festival.

            Bonnie Gerner will be heading up the nominating committed for elections in November. 2 year terms that are up this year are Vice-President and Treasurer and 2 board members.

Past Queens introduced themselves.

County Queen Chairperson’s Report: Rae Reeson stated the Queens are busy planning elder care visits i.e. the Halloween Party at the New Glarus Home, and planning and attending Dairy Promotion events. November 3 will be pictures at the Minder Farm. Rae reported she has submitted applications for grants through the Milk Marketing Board for both Social Media Promotion and for County Dairy Promotion funding. It was reported, the Bounty for Green County was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.

November 30 will be the Monroe Christmas Parade. December 7 will be Brodhead’s Fire and Ice Celebration.

Queens present were: Brenna Meier-Green County Dairy Queen, Averey Marean-Albany Dairy Queen, Olivia Isely- Argyle Dairy Queen, Emma Stietz-Blanchardville Dairy Queen, Rileigh Powers-Brodhead Dairy Queen, Ivy Horn-Brooklyn Dairy Queen, Emma Stricker-Browntown Dairy Queen, and Eva Van Dyk-Monroe Dairy Queen. A recording of the Bounty of Green County Radio ad was played.

Other Business: Craig Kamholz thanked the Dairy Queens for the good job they did at the Green County Fair.  He also reported, the Farm Bureau meeting is next Thursday and would like any available Queens to help with cheese trays at the beginning of the meeting. The meeting is at the Peppercorn.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ken Rankin and was seconded Dean Reeson. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:34 PM

Closing Prayer was given by Rileigh Powers-Brodhead Dairy Queen.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Rieder

Green County Ag Chest Secretary


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