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Jan 07, 2019



January 7, 2019

Rieder Residence, Attica, WI

Board members in attendance: Craig Kamholz-President, Sue Rieder –Vice-President, Diane Schlafli-secretary, Pam Burke-treasurer, Board members Dean Reeson, Chris Van Dyk, and Mia Wahl and Queen Chairperson Rae Reeson.

Craig Kamholz called the budget meeting to order at 6:30 PM

Announcements/Discussion: Members discussed a farmer appreciation event. Serving cream puffs at Farm & Fleet as a Thank You to Farmers” could be a Dairy Queen Promotion event. Sponsoring T-shirts with JMB insurance for 4-H livestock exhibitors at Green County Fairy discussed.

Trailer refrigeration units and sinks discussed. Members discussed using up the puff mixes, but once the mix is gone, will buy ready-made puffs.

Members agreed to keep the 2 Flea Markets, but drop Roscoe as events for 2019.

Old Business: None brought forward.

New Business:

            A motion not do attend Cows on the Concourse was made by Sue Rieder and seconded by Chris Van Dyk. Motion carried.

Pam Burke presented printed copies of the past budgets and expenses.

2018 Budget Categories: 

Donations                                            $ 5,750                                                           

Events                                                 $ 70,000                                   

Insurance                                            $ 6,000

Dairy Days                                           $ 2,500                                   

Meetings/office expense                    $ 2,700                                                                                      

Promotions/Queens Program             $ 11,000

Scholarships                                        $ 8,000             

Trailer Expense                                   $10,000                                                            

State Fair                                             $ 3,500           

Rent                                                     $ 2,400           

Sunshine                                              $ 2,000

Ice Cream                                           $ 5,000

TOTAL 2019 BUDGET                         $128,850        


Additional Discussion: May 11 is the crowning of Alice in Dairyland, hosted by Green County.

Scholarship information should be on Facebook and Green County Ag Chest website. Members will check with local school counselors to make sure they have our scholarship information.

Leftover plat books discussed. The pending invoice for Town web design discussed.

September 3 will be Mental Health Walk for Farmers.

A motion to adjourn was made by Dean Reeson and seconded by Chris Van Dyk. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Sue Rieder, Vice-President


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