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Oct 28, 2019

Green County Ag Chest

October 2019 Meeting Minutes


Date: Monday, October 28, 2019

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Green County Justice Center, Monroe, WI

The Board of Directors met at 6:30 PM. Members present were Craig Kamholz-President,

Sue Rieder-Vice-President, Pam Burke-Treasurer and board members, Dean Reeson, Chris Van Dyk and Mia Wahl.  Diane Schlaffli-secretary was absent.

Members present discussed upcoming elections. The terms of President, secretary and 1 board member are up next month. Dean Reeson is completing the term left vacant when Diane Schlaffli was elected secretary.

Selling the old white wooden people haulers discussed. The Ag Chest will ask $1000. Also for sale the snowmobile trailer for $250.

Cleaning the ice cream machines discussed.

The regular meeting of the Green County Ag Chest was called to order by President Craig Kamholz at 7:05 PM.

Opening Prayer was given by Rylee Disch-Monticello Dairy Queen.

Secretary’s Report: In the absence of Diane Schlaffli, Vice-President Sue Rieder reported the August meeting minutes were approved at the September Board meeting and are posted on the website

Treasurer’s Report:  Pam Burke presented printed copies of the financial report from September 30-October 26 2019.

Old Business:

            Correspondences/Announcements: A thank you notes were made available to read after the meeting. Craig Kamholz thanked the Ag Chest for the Gift Certificate he received thanking him for all the extra work he does.

            No addition old business discussed.

New Business:

            Craig Kamholz stated the 2 white wooden people haulers are for sale for $1000 each. Also for sale is the wooden snowmobile trailer that was used for BOTF for $250. A 14 foot enclosed trailer has been purchased to replace the wooden snowmobile trailer.

            No Discussion on 2020 BOTF

            2020 Dairy Days to be hosted by Monroe.

            Nomination Committee: The Vice-President heads the nominating committee. Please contact Sue Rieder with nominations for the November meeting. Up for election is the office of President, Secretary and 1 Board seat. Dean Reeson is completing the term left vacant when Diane Schlaffli was elected secretary last year. Craig Kamholz stated officer positions should be filled by previous board members.

Past Queens introduced themselves.

County Queen Chairperson’s Report: Rae Reeson stated the Dairy Queens pictures were done at the Meier Farm. There will be another photo session in the spring. Tess Zettle met with the Queens and discussed her experience running for Alice in Dairyland. The Queens have been busy with radio reports, World Dairy Expo, homecomings and community events. Future projects for the Queens will be books to the kindergarten classes and eldercare visits.

Queens present were: Samantha McGuire-Green County Dairy Princess, Emileigh Dallman-Albany Dairy Queen, Megan Granberg-Argyle Dairy Queen, Carol Rankin-Belleville Dairy Queen, Aleta Broge-Browntown Dairy Queen, Miah Roth-Juda Dairy Queen, Crystal Meighan-Monroe Dairy Queen, Rylee Disch-Monticello Dairy Queen and Riley Keehn-New Glarus Dairy Queen.

Other Business: Becky Granberg thanked the Ag Chest for having the trailer at the Thunderbridge Flywheelers Thresheree. Carol Rankin asked for money for the Belleville FFA for their upcoming trip to the FFA National Convention. The Ag Chest proved stating they give $250 to FFA Chapters that ask.

A motion to adjourn was made by Dean Reeson and was seconded Chris Van Dyk. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Closing Prayer was given by Riley Keehn–New Glarus Dairy Queen

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Rieder

Green County Ag Chest Vice-President

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